Essential Oils

I know that some of you will read my posts in this blog that talk about my use of essential oils, and you will immediately write me off as a source of credible information.  Listen, people, we’re not talking about auras and psychic mediums.  (Yes, some of you will read that and write me off as well. Can’t please everyone.) We’re talking about organic chemistry.


Essential oils are combinations of organic molecules that are extracted from plants.  They or their constituent parts are the “active ingredients” in many products that you may already use.  If they are extracted carefully, they can be powerful medicines.

Yes, I said medicines.  I used to think essential oils were just something you might find in a spa, used to enhance the experience with fragrance or to encourage relaxation.  But they are so much more.  If you would like some scientific evidence about what essential oils are capable of, I recommend you go to PubMed and search “essential oils,” and browse through all the scholarly articles and studies that come up.

If you’d like a quick intro that’s a bit more practical, I really like

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