Happy Star Wars Day!

May The Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day! This has always been a favorite “holiday” in our household.

To continue the thought from yesterday, there is a third scenario that I would also REALLY like to avoid—ignoring the lumps in the left side of my neck and perpetually wondering if cancer might be hiding there—or having it show up there later and knowing I could have just had the whole shooting match over with already. I hope I don’t have to decide between the chance of taking out my thyroid needlessly and being confident that I don’t have an unidentified cancer lurking in my neck. But enough about that. We’ll deal with that on Tuesday.

Good news! Eleanor’s new bedtime routine, which I was SO dreading, went really well last night. When it was time to take her to bed last night, she asked if she could nurse. And we talked about it for a little while. I explained that Silas and Elliot don’t nurse. She laughed at that, saying, “Only little girls can nurse!”

I told her that Silas and Elliot used to nurse when they were babies, but then they stopped nursing when they got to be big. This gave her something to think about. She asked if she could nurse on the couch. When I turned her down, she asked if she could nurse in the bed. When I said, “no,” she cried, but just a little.

“But I really want to nurse,” she said. I’ll be honest, I almost caved then. But she didn’t seem hysterically distraught, just a little sad. So we went up to her room. I grabbed two bedtime books off her shelf and we sat in the rocker together—something we haven’t done in a long time—and read together. When we were done, she asked again if she could nurse. I told her that we were going to start going to bed at night without nursing. I also told her that when she was big enough to stop nursing, she would be big enough for me to paint her toenails.

She’s been really fascinated with the pink paint on my toenails since the weather got warm enough to break out the flip-flops and sandals. But I told her that she wasn’t big enough to have paint on her toes. So this offer really got her attention. She said, “I’m big enough!”

“Are you big enough to stop nursing?” I asked.

“No,” she said. But I told her again that when she was big enough, I had some paint I could use on her toenails. I’m planning to keep that talk up as motivation.

So anyway, I put a CD that I had made for her into her brand new CD player, tucked her in and turned out the lights. Rather than lying down next to her, I sat on the end of the bed.

She did amazingly well. Every time a new song came on, she asked, “Is this a lullaby?” And before I knew it, she was asleep! YAY! So that’s our new bedtime routine! Books in the rocking chair, followed by the bedtime CD! The best part is that this is something that anyone who is not lactating can replicate! Please excuse the exclamation points, but this is a REALLY big deal for our family, upcoming surgery aside. But I expect it will make my surgery and post-op time much more manageable, which is the whole point.

If this goes well for about a week, I plan to tackle nap time in much the same way. Then we will just be down to nursing first thing in the morning. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how we’re going to handle that one. But I’ll figure out something.

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